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I'm a storyteller at heart, and I've been lucky to work in several different concentrations at the same time during my career.


Published by Fantagraphics and SpongeBob Comics, I earned an MFA in Cartooning from the Center for Cartoon Studies. I have also created several webcomics.


Comics and design go hand in hand for producing illustrations. I’ve done illustrations for companies like Storz Brewery and


I have been working professionally as a graphic designer since 1995, and I am now currently the creative director at B² Interactive, a digital marketing agency in Omaha, Nebraska.

From the Blog

Don’t Train The Same Art Muscles Every Day

Don’t Train The Same Art Muscles Every Day

Postedon Mar 26, 2017 in Creativity

Sorry for the radio silence. I’ve been hard at work getting the art for The Walk further along than it has been. But I still feel like a failure on many levels. I can’t blame myself for losing a couple years on it due to my health. But I have a hard time working on […]

The Zen of Web Typography

The Zen of Web Typography

Postedon Feb 20, 2017 in Design

I wrote another blog post for B2 Interactive concerning web typography and embracing the nature of the web versus forcing your content to look like your print pieces.You fiddle. You fudge. You make soft breaks in text to avoid orphans. You justify large blocks for better reading. And then you look at your post on […]

The Struggle To Create

The Struggle To Create

Postedon Jan 30, 2017 in Creativity

I’ve been slowly finding time The Walk, but it’s a struggle. I started working on this comic in the summer of 2013, after I graduated from the Center for Cartoon Studies. That’s four years ago now. I’ve been trying to determine what my roadblocks to success have been.No EnergyWhen I returned home from Vermont after […]

Max Riffner is a cartoonist, designer, and illustrator. He has an MFA in Cartooning from the Center for Cartoon Studies and has been a graphic designer since 1995.

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