Will the iPad Pro be the ultimate mobile creation tool?

by | Sep 21, 2015 | Tools

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Last month I wrote about my mobile gear. In short, my bag contains: an iPad Air, a Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard, a sketchbook and assorted pens. That’s about all I need. I have a Wacom stylus, but I don’t like drawing on my iPad. It’s not a fun experience, neither through input or the assortment of drawing apps on the market.

Last week, Apple announced the new iPad Pro. At first it interested me, and then I questioned why I would want it.


Ditching all those tools for an iPad Pro is tempting. Especially with the Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard. I would no longer have to remember to throw my keyboard into my bag. Adobe announced some new apps that work with the Apple Pencil, which is also promising. I’m impressed with Adobe products in the last year. They’ve been adding significant value to their Creative Cloud subscription. And from early hands on reviews, it sounds like the Apple Pencil may be the first stylus to get it right.


As tempting as those features are, it almost feels like they ruined the iPad. I bought the first iPad the day it was released and loved it immediately for what it was. I’m actually writing this post on my iPad Air. It’s my “casual” computer that can function well when I want it to for work.

So the iPad Pro makes me wonder why I wouldn’t just buy another laptop. I’m not a fan the current state of drawing apps for iOS. Why wouldn’t I buy a Wacom Cintiq Companion if I want to draw digital? And as a tablet, the iPad Pro is heavy. It’s about the same as the original iPad, which was a pain to hold for any extended time. I’ve read some early reviews that the size to weight distribution on the Pro is fantastic. I’m just not interested in that wrist workout again though.

Wait and see

I’m an unabashed Apple fanboy. I admit it. I also admit to eyeing the Microsoft Surface since reading Frenden’s review. I decided not to go forth with that purchase because the pen output doesn’t sound ideal. Nor did I decide to go through purchasing a Cintiq Companion because of the bulk and battery drain. So it looks like deep down I have some interest in an iPad Pro. But I think this is the first Apple product that I am going to wait and see how it’s reviewed by cartoonists. And that’s weird for this Apple fanboy, trust me. I had the first iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. I loved them all. I still love them, in the case of the Apple Watch. This will be a bit strange for me to not just immediately throw money to Apple.

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