Draw Comics Everyday (Or You Won’t Draw Them At All)

by | Jun 19, 2017 | Advice, Process

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It’s been awhile. How’s your summer going? I’ve been heads down working, trying a new schedule. I started reading Jessica Abel’s new book Growing Gills. I’ve subscribe to her email list a long time ago and have been absorbing her advice. In one of her recent emails, I realized a problem I’ve been having with working on my comics. I’m trying to do too much.

Trying to do too much is an important realization for me. After all, I did 50 pages of comics in a month. The reality is I had prepared for that one month of massive production for over 12 months. But in my head, I always think I can do that again. And I can’t. I have a job, responsibilities, and my health to consider. I’m 40 years old now. Could I do it if that was my only job? Probably. That isn’t the case though.

In a recent newsletter, a cartoonist in one of Abel’s workshops had a breakthrough. She realized she only had 8-10 hours a week to work on comics. And then I realized that I have been blocking myself for no good reason. I had the idea that if I can’t bang out a stack of pages daily then I should wait for the right opportunity. And that’s ridiculous. But your head does funny things to you. I’ve learned that lesson many times over, but sometimes you need a reminder.

Alec Longstreth has said that he “draws comics everyday.” I remember thinking that was overkill at the time when he told me, but if you only have 60-90 minutes a day to draw?

Draw A Little Everyday

I’m drawing comics everyday now. At least 60 minutes of drawing comics. Every day. And I have a stack of pages to show for it now. Working a little everyday in small increments are building into big things. I’m working on two comics at once and enjoying myself for the first time in four years. I reached out and asked for help with one of them (I hate coloring). My stress and anxiety has decreased. I’m exercising more than I have in ages because I feel like I can. And I haven’t sacrificed anything. It feels good.

Announcement: I’ll be attending O Comic Con as a guest creator on July 7th-9th. Stop by and say hello if you are in the area. I have some books to sell you. And art. I’ll be bringing original pages to sell if you are interested. Hope to see you there!

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