New post for the B² Interactive blog. I’m becoming a bit obsessed about speed. Site speed that is. Most websites run off of some sort of database, which makes a lot of calls back and forth, slowing a site down. Now that we live in a mobile world with cellular speeds, there’s a movement to not only ditch databases, but to also ditch Javascript, the other main culprit in slowing a website down. Basically, I miss the old days. I used to build every website I ever touched by hand, and each line was optimized for even the slowest connections. Now in this automatic, framework heavy world, developers are starting to get back to that mindset. Here’s an excerpt:

Afterward, bandwidth exploded. Web 2.0 began, and we started to make our websites act like desktop software. We started to develop complicated templates and libraries to speed up development. We stopped creating our code by hand. Everything was developed on frameworks with existing content management systems. Sites with large codebases became the norm. We came to a point where “web designer” was an outdated term. The job splintered into different specialties to support all these frameworks.

And then mobile devices came on the scene, and we’re back to speed being an issue again.

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