Draw Comics Everyday (Or You Won’t Draw Them At All)

Draw Comics Everyday (Or You Won’t Draw Them At All)

It’s been awhile. How’s your summer going? I’ve been heads down working, trying a new schedule. I started reading Jessica Abel’s new book Growing Gills. I’ve subscribe to her email list a long time ago and have been absorbing her advice. In one of her recent emails, I realized a problem I’ve been having with working on my comics. I’m trying to do too much.

Trying to do too much is an important realization for me. After all, I did 50 pages of comics in a month. The reality is I had prepared for that one month of massive production for over 12 months. But in my head, I always think I can do that again. And I can’t. I have a job, responsibilities, and my health to consider. I’m 40 years old now. Could I do it if that was my only job? Probably. That isn’t the case though.

In a recent newsletter, a cartoonist in one of Abel’s workshops had a breakthrough. She realized she only had 8-10 hours a week to work on comics. And then I realized that I have been blocking myself for no good reason. I had the idea that if I can’t bang out a stack of pages daily then I should wait for the right opportunity. And that’s ridiculous. But your head does funny things to you. I’ve learned that lesson many times over, but sometimes you need a reminder.

Alec Longstreth has said that he “draws comics everyday.” I remember thinking that was overkill at the time when he told me, but if you only have 60-90 minutes a day to draw?

Draw A Little Everyday

I’m drawing comics everyday now. At least 60 minutes of drawing comics. Every day. And I have a stack of pages to show for it now. Working a little everyday in small increments are building into big things. I’m working on two comics at once and enjoying myself for the first time in four years. I reached out and asked for help with one of them (I hate coloring). My stress and anxiety has decreased. I’m exercising more than I have in ages because I feel like I can. And I haven’t sacrificed anything. It feels good.

Announcement: I’ll be attending O Comic Con as a guest creator on July 7th-9th. Stop by and say hello if you are in the area. I have some books to sell you. And art. I’ll be bringing original pages to sell if you are interested. Hope to see you there!

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